Past Events

Diane Carlson

Education Workshop: Managing The Ask

Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser or new to the profession, we’ve all found ourselves in situations where we’re just not quite sure what to say during a donor solicitation.

Join our expert, Diane Carlson, on “What to Say” to learn masterful techniques to avoid uncomfortable moments during your next donor visit.

In-Person Annual Meeting & Member Recognition

Join Kitt Shapiro at the AFP Annual Meeting as she talks about life with her legendary multi-talented mother, Eartha Kitt, and shares her new book Eartha & Kitt, A Daughter’s Love Story In Black & White.

Connecticut’s National Philanthropy Day® Awards Breakfast

Connecticut’s National Philanthropy Day® Awards Breakfast Friday, November 12, 2021 In-person event at Vazzano’s Four Seasons, Stratford Doors at 8am, Breakfast and Program 8:30am The Association of Fundraising Professionals in Connecticut will honor those who have helped change lives through…

Members Only Roundtable: Ethical Considerations in Fundraising

Join us for a lively virtual Roundtable Discussion on Tuesday, October 12th, 4-5:30 PM.
Tom Kissane from CSS will moderate a discussion on ethical considerations in fundraising and share examples that draw from his wide experience in fundraising. 

Please Note: Roundtables are a “members-only” benefit.

Education Workshop: Why Are You Losing Donors?

It happens all the time. Donors stop giving. Discovering why donors stop giving will provide you a keen understanding of what you need to improve on to get higher fundraising returns.

AFP July Roundtable and Social

Two AFP Events Back to Back! Join us for one or BOTH. From 4-5:30pm, AFP Free Members-Only Roundtable Topic is “Stories in Fundraising.” Social is from 5:30-7:30pm, open to all, and is the perfect time to mix, mingle, and build new relationships.

Education Workshop: The Boom in DAF Growth

Insider Tips To Connect With DAF Donors To Grow Your Charity Donor-advised funds continue to boom with tens of billions of dollars being contributed to them and being granted to charities nationwide every year. Ben Pierce and Brad Caswell,…

Education Workshop with Lynne Wester: Donor Experience, DX unlocks the future of your fundraising relationships in the post COVID landscape

Donor appreciation is not expensive, but neglecting it can be. Research shows that it is seven times more expensive to acquire a new donor than to keep the one you have. The solution is simple: put the donor first, consume yourself with the DX, their experience, not yours. Learn how to adjust the donor experience in the post-COVID landscape.

Education Workshop: Moving from Diversity to Inclusive Impact: COVID 19 and Beyond with Dr. Todd Jenkins

In our current climate, diversity, equity, and inclusion matters the most. We are in a situation where our employees, members, stakeholders, and communities must remain connected. COVID-19 has bought many challenges but also tremendous opportunities to grow better and stronger together in non-profits.

Education Workshop: 5 Best Board Practices (Especially during COVID-19)

The time to strengthen your board is now. During the pandemic, critical issues are constantly arising for non-profits, and if your board is not working efficiently and strategically as a team, it can’t take ownership of the issues. The stronger your board is now, the better positioned you will be to thrive in the future.

Members Only Roundtable: Grant Writing/Applications

Join us for a lively virtual Roundtable Discussion. We will be discussing grant writing and the application process. 

Please Note: Roundtables are a “members-only” benefit.

Education Workshop: Prospect Research & Management

Armando Zumaya will present a compelling case to invest in prospect research, management and effectively pursuing individual major giving rather than other more common methods of funding. This frank and humorous presentation is designed to be heard by leadership, funders and Board members.

Education Workshop: Funders Panel

Learn directly from the grantmakers! Join us for an opportunity to hear from representatives from foundations and corporate giving programs to learn about topics of importance to fundraisers.

Education Workshop with Tom Ahern: Loverize Your Donors

Tom Ahern wrote the book on donor-centric communications. Find out why his messaging style has transformed fundraising with extraordinary results. Don’t miss this fast-paced, heavily illustrated workshop. You will leave with messaging skills that can be used immediately in your organization.

Roundtable and Social: Ethical Considerations in Fundraising

Scot Scala from Scala & Associates will present an overview of nonprofit fiduciary responsibilities, and ethical breaches that could jeopardize your organization. Learn from Scot’s experience as an ethics and fund development professional.

Education Luncheon: Planned Giving – Everything You Need to Know

In this presentation you will learn practical, easy to understand tips on how to jumpstart your planned giving program. Whether you have a planned program or not, you’ll leave with simple, easy to execute steps that you can take back to help capture your planned giving potential. 

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Transitioning Annual Donors to Major Donors

In this presentation you will learn how to create an annual fund that generates major gift prospects, how to identify those prospects, and then how to convert those prospects into major donors and major gifts for your organization.

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Engage Donors & Raise Funds During the COVID-19 Crisis

A discussion on raising funds through the COVID-19 crisis. Find out if and how you should be raising money now. Learn how to leverage the opportunity to build relationships with your biggest donors and pivot your fundraising to emergency needs.

Copy POSTPONED until 12/3/2020 – Education Luncheon with Tom Ahern: Loverize Your Donors

Tom Ahern wrote the book on donor-centric communications. Find out why his messaging style has transformed fundraising with extraordinary results. Don’t miss this fast-paced, heavily illustrated workshop. You will leave with messaging skills that can be used immediately in your organization.

AFP March Roundtable and Social – Events: Are They Worth It? – Postponed

Two AFP Events Back to Back! Join us for one or BOTH. Starting at 4:00pm, AFP Free Members-Only Roundtable Topic is “Events: Are They Worth It? Abandon or Restructure? Social is from 5:30-7pm, open to all, and is the perfect time to mix, mingle, and build new relationships.

Education Luncheon: Capital Campaigns Workshop

Tom Kissane, Principal & Managing Director of CCS Fundraising will lead a campaign workshop and cover: setting the goal, making the case, feasibility studies, managing leadership and staff, and how to avoid making the most common mistakes.

Education Luncheon: Funders Panel

Learn directly from the grantmakers! Join us for an opportunity to hear from representatives from foundations and corporate giving programs to learn about topics of importance to fundraisers.

Education Luncheon: Career Transitions into Nonprofits & Fundraising

Most nonprofit and fundraising professionals transition their professional skills from other careers into the non-profit sector. This will be a moderated panel with regional thought leaders on the best strategies to gaining the right skills to enter the nonprofit and fundraising field. Join us at the Westport Library to take stock in the new year of your career skills for success.

Debbie Fay

Education Luncheon & Annual Meeting: Public Speaking

Why wait one more day? Why lose one more night’s sleep? Why walk away from one more client or prospect without the business? Let me help you, as I have helped hundreds of others, NAIL your next high-stakes presentation.

National Philanthropy Day Celebration

This premier event celebrates philanthropy in Connecticut.  Join us for an inspiring awards breakfast recognizing statewide philanthropy leaders.  Continue the day with a full line-up of stimulating speakers, educational sessions, professional networking and more!  We are pleased to welcome keynote speaker, Dan Pallotta, author of Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine their Potential.

AFP October Roundtable and Social

Two AFP Events Back to Back! Join us for one or BOTH. From 3:30-5pm, AFP Free Members-Only Roundtable Topic is “How to Make Your Holiday Giving Merry and Bright. Social is from 5-7pm, open to all, and is the perfect time to mix, mingle, and build new relationships.

Education Luncheon: Panel Discussion on Best Practices for Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers are some of the most important assets of any nonprofit organization. Join our panelists, Sabrina Smeltz, Julie Pollard, Bill Morin, and John Brannelly as we discuss how to find, retain, and get the most out of your organization’s volunteers.

AFP Summer Roundtable and Social

Why wait one more day? Why lose one more night’s sleep? Why walk away from one more client or prospect without the business? Let me help you, as I have helped hundreds of others, NAIL your next high-stakes presentation.

Education Luncheon: Rainmaking Through Networking

Just imagine how much more successful you could be if you meaningfully improved your networking skills and earned your black belt in networking … Rainmaking Through Networking.

Roundtable and Networking Reception With Photo Session!

Two AFP Events Back to Back! Join us for one or BOTH! 1) 3:30-5:00 p.m.   Roundtable (AFP Members-only FREE benefit) 2) 5:00-7:00 p.m. Networking Reception and Special Vendor Showcase with Discounted Headshots! Woodway Country Club 540 Hoyt Street Darien, CT 06820 1) Roundtable…

Education Luncheon: Ethics and Special Events

Breaches of fiduciary duty occur with unsettling frequency in the nonprofit world. Professor Jim Fishman will discuss the legal components of the fiduciary obligation by using some recent examples of breaches of fiduciary duties, and will raise the surprisingly widespread problem in charities’ solicitation campaigns: minimizing the true cost of fundraising.

Education Luncheon: Build a Better Appeal

Join us to explore how you can make your year-end giving campaign the best yet.

AFP Roundtable and Social

Why wait one more day? Why lose one more night’s sleep? Why walk away from one more client or prospect without the business? Let me help you, as I have helped hundreds of others, NAIL your next high-stakes presentation.

Education Luncheon: The Funders Perspective: An Inside Scoop!

Learn directly from the grantmakers! Join us for an opportunity to hear from representatives from foundations and corporate giving programs to learn about topics of importance to fundraisers.

Education Luncheon: High Net Worth Philanthropy Study

What are the trends in giving and volunteering among America’s high net worth households? What causes do they support, and why? How can nonprofits use this knowledge to advance their missions? Join us for a debrief on the 2018 U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy.

Education Luncheon: Local Media – Tips & Tricks

Learn how to make the best use of Fairfield County’s media at this panel discussion with the media outlets every nonprofit needs to know about.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Nonprofit Accounting for Fundraisers

Looking for synergy between your development and financial offices? This 60-minute session is for you! Come learn about common situations that impact both development and finance offices, and walk away with a high-level view of nonprofit accounting. We use simple language and realistic scenarios to demystify the financial side of fundraising. Development personnel at all experience levels will benefit from this course.

Meet C. K. Swett — “Like A Double Expresso Shot to Shake Up Your Story and Energize Your Events”

CK’s charity auctioneering efforts since 2010 have yielded more than $60 million across nearly 500 events. CK will speak to us about how to orchestrate a successful charity auction. He will provide the “dos and don’ts” to engage and tips on how to generate interest from the audience and identify “bidders” for each item being auctioned. This will be an interactive session to help you plan an outstanding auction at your next event!

Lunch and Learn Webinar – C-Suite

“The C-Suite.” This is the land of the “Chiefs”: the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operational Officer, and, of course, the Chief Executive Officer. The opportunity to be on the executive leadership team is the goal for many development professionals, but what happens when you actually make it there, and how should you invest in your own leadership development to make the transition?

2018 National Philanthropy Day

AFP Fairfield County invites you to attend a breakfast in honor of National Philanthropy Day. The breakfast features keynote speaker, Whitney Norman, presenting “The Future of Donor Loyalty,” and the First Annual Member Recognition Ceremony.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Five Donor Love Languages

Learn about the five donor love languages and how to speak the love language your donors prefer; radically improving your donor retention rates. Learn how to create your annual donor love plan and engage executive leadership and board members in sharing the love.

AFP Oktoberfest

Join us for the AFP Oktoberfest! Open to members, guests and future members, this lively time to mix and mingle is the perfect setting to network and learn about new opportunities in nonprofits.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – More Money & Mission

Do you want to have more to do more? Join in and learn how to best navigate negotiations. Poor negotiation skills and a lack of confidence can cripple a charitable fundraiser’s ability to obtain the necessary financial resources to fuel its organizational mission. These practical tips will help you secure larger major gifts, obtain more multi-year financial commitments and deliver more value.

Breakfast – Time to Check under the Hood: Does your organization need a tune up?

A Panel of experts led by Rucci Law Group and Rand Insurance will lead an open discussion and Q & A over breakfast to cover the real “nitty gritty” foundation of a successful and compliant non-profit under today’s tax laws, challenging economy, litigious society and government regulations.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Grants & Development

Consistent funding is vital to thriving programs. To achieve consistent funding, especially in uncertain times, thriving organizations are working to build diverse funding streams that integrate fundraising and grant seeking. Is your organization missing funding opportunities without a purposeful coordination of grants seeking and fundraising efforts?

End of Summer Social and/or Roundtable: Two AFP Events Back to Back!

Join us for the AFP September Networking Social! Open to members, guests and future members, this lively time to mix and mingle, exchange cards, and make friends is the perfect setting to build some relationships – and – learn about new opportunities in nonprofits! AND, exclusively for AFP Members, join us for our latest engaging Roundtable discussion before the Social.

Luncheon – Ethics in Fundraising

The Association for Fundraising Professional’s Ethical Standards can be summarized in four words: “fundraising professionals are fiduciaries”.

Luncheon – LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals; speaker: Marc Halpert; sponsor: MineTech

Marc W. Halpert is owner of connect2collaborate who spreads his LinkedIn and networking evangelism to train and coach others to better explain their brand positioning on LinkedIn.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Transformational Donor Events; held at VN&H, Norwalk

Imagine if your signature event could consistently raise significant funding and kickstart relationships with new major donors. This would require an intentional invitation strategy, transformational content, and flawless execution. Learn how to integrate best practices in major donor events to elevate the impact of your events. In this session, Bob Westfall and Lisa Wolf will share key insights from their experience executing over 330 major donor events which have raised over $650 million.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – The 100 % Fallacy: Common Presumptions That Hold Your Fundraising Back; held at VN&H, Norwalk

Many common assumptions about donors are just plain wrong, hence charities shipwreck financially and fail to grow. Get it right from the start, with this “truth stampede.” World-sourced from top experts by Tom Ahern, you’ll learn what are acceptable response rates for direct mail appeals and donor newsletters. You’ll learn why you should hang your entire fundraising program off just one metric, Lifetime Value (LTV). You’ll learn why monthly donors are preferable to annual donors. You’ll learn why bequest donors are (usually) preferable to major donors.

Roundtable and/or Networking Reception With Photo Session!

  Two AFP Events Back to Back! Join us for one or BOTH! 1) 3:30-5:00 p.m.   Roundtable (AFP Members-only FREE benefit) 2) 5:00-7:00 p.m. Networking Reception and Special Vendor Showcase! Woodway Country Club 540 Hoyt Street Darien, CT 06820 Roundtable Discussion (AFP Members-only…

Lunch and Learn Webinar – 10 Ways to Supercharge Your Storytelling, held at VN&H, Norwalk

The secret is out! Raising money is much easier when you tell a story. A story that motivates a donor to give. But how do you write a compelling story? And what makes a good story great? If you want to hook your reader and reel them in for good, then you’ll need a basic understanding of storytelling formulas and techniques that make a story memorable.

Breakfast – Practical Benefit/Cost Analysis: How to Maximize Mission Success; speaker: Elijah Goldberg; sponsor: Bank of America

Funders pour money into nonprofits in pursuit of philanthropic wins. They fund health programs, educational initiatives and an uncountable number of other interventions. And what do funders know about the impact of their grants? Often relatively little. Come learn about practical principles to conducting benefit/cost analysis, and different options for incorporating this analysis into your grantmaking.

Breakfast – The Makings of a Great Fundraising Board; speaker: Sharon Danosky; sponsor: BlumShapiro

Boards are responsible for strategy, policy and fundraising. Yet, most would rather do anything but fundraise. The problem doesn’t lie with the board, rather it is how boards have approached the whole topic of fundraising. It is time to change the conversation and lead the board into an experience where they participate, enjoy and even engage joyfully in raising funds. Real fundraising is about building relationships: introducing new relationships, cultivating donors at the beginning of their philanthropic experience and then respectfully stewarding the relationship over the long haul. These are the types of activities that board members are well suited for. In this workshop you will learn how to create a philanthropic culture among your board and show how they can be true fundraisers – and never having to ask for a contribution.

CANCELLED – Lunch and Learn Webinar – How to Grow Your Monthly Giving Program Without Breaking the Bank; held at VN&H, Norwalk

Are you looking to find a way to improve your organization’s cash flow? Do you have a large number of small donors? Are you looking to improve your donor retention rates? Are you looking for ways to upgrade your donors to give more or to give more often? 
Think no more! Monthly donors are the answer. 

Roundtable and/or Networking Night; sponsor: Premier; held at Walrus + Carpenter

Join us for our latest engaging Roundtable discussion exclusively for AFP Members. Explore the intricate, ever-changing, and critical relationship between Development staff and Marketing staff in a lively discussion with your peers…Networking Night immediately following Roundtable open to members, guests and future members.

CANCELLED – Luncheon – BREACH OF DUTY! Unethical Fundraising Revealed

Breaches of fiduciary duty occur with unsettling frequency in the nonprofit world. Professor Jim Fishman will discuss the legal components of the fiduciary obligation by using some recent examples of breaches of fiduciary duties, and will raise the surprisingly widespread problem in charities’ solicitation campaigns: minimizing the true cost of fundraising. This would seem to challenge or involve a breach of several AFP ethical standards. He will then offer for the group’s discussion several hypotheticals that impose ethical challenges to the professional fundraiser as a fiduciary.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Finding and Connecting with Transformational Donors; held at VN&H, Norwalk

Norwalk, CT  06851

We often hear about the $1 million donor that came out of nowhere to help support a nonprofit organization. But veteran fundraisers and prospect researchers know that these stories are the exception to the rule. In truth, it takes the right data, information, modeling, and research to find and connect with transformative donors. Join Katherine Swank, Senior Consultant with Target Analytics, and Steve MacLaughlin, Vice President of Data & Analytics with Blackbaud, to explore how real world prospecting and development works.

Luncheon – How to Hire Your Staff (Right) the First Time

Losing a fundraising staff person is like throwing money in the trash and putting it outside for pickup. In fact, according to recent Cygnet Research’s, you can lose up to $200,000 in revenue and a lot of time. If you’ve ever had a hard time hanging on to fundraising staff, or you’re hiring for the first time, learn how to (really) hire the best people and save your organization money, too!

AFP Roundtable and New Year’s Networking, sponsored by MSP Cultivate

Come share best tips on how to maintain control of your day, your calendar,
your development and communications plan and your life to make 2018 a great year! Bring suggestions and struggles you’ve had with managing these issues to share with your peers. Then, continue the discussion down the road at Artisan.

Annual Meeting and Holiday Luncheon

TED Talk “Best Speaker”, Author, Leadership Development Expert, Entrepreneur, Parent, Citizen
“A year from today, you’ll be more creative than you are today… or not.   A better leader… or not.  More caring… or not.  More focused… or not.  More patient… or not.  More humble… or not.”

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Re-Energize and Re-Event Your Fundraising Career

According to Gallup, the average workweek is now 47 hours. We as fundraisers put in way longer hours in our career! That’s a lot of time to spend in a stalled career or tedious job. We’ll talk tips for keeping your skills fresh; ways to maintain that ‘first day on the job’ enthusiasm; how to lead up so that everyone on the staff wins; and which fundraising skills translate to other fields and other job opportunities.

Connecticut AFP National Philanthropy Day 2017 presents Best of the State Awards

This event follows a 33-year history of Association of Fundraising Professionals chapters in Connecticut honoring individuals and organizations to have done much to enhance our communities and our connections to those around us. Last year’s awards banquet was sold out at nearly 250 participants. Participants had the opportunity to meet with their peers and enjoy the opportunity to discuss ideas, which we believe is one of the greatest assets of this event. Together we learn and move forward, better able to succeed at the important work that we do on behalf of all our communities.

AFP MEMBERS ONLY Roundtable – Planned Giving Discussion

Have you been meaning to start up a pro-active planned giving program but something has been holding you back?  Come participate in a free members-only roundtable conversation with colleagues to talk about easy ways to get an effective planned giving program up and running.

Rock the “Dock” AFP Networking Social

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Hosted at Dry Dock Bar & Grille 215 Main Street, Norwalk, CT 06851  Please Join us for this Octoberfest-Meets-Happy-Hour Event! Enjoy a perfect fall evening to connect with friends in the…

CFRE One-Day Refresher Course

The CFRE Refresher Course is a one-day, intensive program intended to provide an overview of the six knowledge domains of the CFRE Exam. The course is a combination of a high-level review, self-exploration of knowledge and peer exchange of best practices – facilitated by a knowledgable fundraising practitioner using a caselet approach.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Strategic Planning for Maximum Fundraising Success

Do you have a strategic plan? If so, are your fundraising efforts in concert and alignment with the plan? If not, are you struggling to get buy-in for creating a strategic plan at your organization? Join us as we discuss how to create and leverage your strategic plan to motivate your staff team, engage your Board, and inspire your donors to make more meaningful long-term investments in your organization.

Foundations Panel Discussion (evening event from 5:30-7:30 pm)

Our esteemed Fairfield County panel of private foundation board representatives explains to the AFP membership and guests what they look for when deciding which nonprofits they wish to partner with and fund.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Mission Possible: Get in the Door and Get What You Came For

From getting the visit to getting the gift, this step-by-step talk will outline what you need to do to make effective use of your time on donor visits, and eventually get the gift you came for. Learn proven strategies, guiding principles, and tips to help you help your organization. These principles are pulled from the latest research in social psychology and human dynamics. The strategies and tips I cover are road-tested and pulled from ‘what works’ in hundreds of real-life prospect visits. This session will give you the language and the confidence so you too can ‘have them at hello.’

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Using Neuroscience to Improve Your Fundraising Results

A working knowledge of recent neuroscience discoveries can help you raise more money. In fact, understanding consumer behavior can help you raise lots more money. This session explores some key principles that influence behavior – and how fundraisers can apply those principles to donors. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a scientist to understand and use this stuff.

AFP Summer Social at Shorehaven! Sponsored by Minuteman Press of Norwalk

Kick-off the Summer with…Ice Cream & Cocktails…AFP Summer Social at Shorehaven!

Breakfast – Boards and Fundraising; Sponsored by Dylewsky, Goldberg & Brenner, LLC

While it is well accepted that board membership carries with it the responsibility to actively engage in fundraising, it is nonetheless a continual challenge for every organization to motivate that engagement.
This workshop will address two questions, the answers to which can help organizations to meet this challenge: 1. Why would board members want to fundraise? 2. Why do they resist fundraising?

AFP MEMBERS ONLY Roundtable Discussion! Ethics: How do ethics affect you and your job? Sponsored by Vantage in Philanthropy, Inc.

As Members of AFP, we have all agreed to the AFP Code of Ethical Standards, but what does this mean in our day-to-day life? Please come with any stories, personal concerns, or questions you have about this topic and together we can help to sort out the issue. Please join us at our third MEMBERS ONLY event! AFP Fairfield County offers its members a free opportunity to meet with fellow members for a casual, roundtable conversation on the issues, challenges and solutions facing the nonprofit development field.

Breakfast – U.S. Trust® Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy; sponsored by BlumShapiro

Danielle Amato-Milligan, Senior Vice President, Practice Expert, Nonprofit Consulting & Planned Giving, US Trust/Bank of America, will present the UST Study at our chapter breakfast. The 2016 U.S. Trust® Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy examines the giving and volunteering trends, behaviors, attitudes, and priorities of wealthy American households. Since 2006, this study has been written and researched in partnership with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. This research series is the most comprehensive and longest running of its kind, and an important barometer for wealthy donors’ charitable engagement and perspectives.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Investing in Major Gift Fundraising: Make it a Priority!

As we see a rise in new potential donors in our communities and work to get them engaged, we are tempted to shift more budget dollars towards social media acquisition and a variety of annual fund programs and events, diminishing our capacity to pursue major gifts. The urgent overwhelms the important, and many annual programs are time and budget consuming. Our challenge is this: because major gifts take time, research, cultivation, personalized solicitation and thoughtful stewardship, we may find it easier to seek a quantity of small gifts over the patience and planning it takes to bring in major gifts. Major gifts should be part of every organization’s development plan at all times. Kay Sprinkel Grace, FAFP, consultant, author and speaker will share her strategies with us for keeping major (and planned) gifts a priority program – and how to involve your board and non-development staff as partners in building your major gift revenue whatever the size of your organization.

Welcome New Member Reception and Vendor Showcase

Join us to celebrate spring and welcome our newest AFP-Fairfield County members at this idyllic setting overlooking the golf course! Enjoy a free drink and a delectable assortment of hors d’oeuvres prepared by Woodway Country Club’s talented chef. Mix and mingle with your fundraising peers. Meet a select group of businesses who serve the non-profit community.

Cancelled – Wine and Paint Networking Night

Release your creative side with a glass of wine and the encouragement of your AFP-Fairfield County friends.
Paint and bring home your own canvas masterpiece of this seaside scene.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Powerful Events where Philanthropy Thrives: How to Engage New Donors with Four Vital Audience Development Strategies

Attend this content-rich and profitable webinar and see how your auctions, galas and events are THE new catalyst for donor engagement and retention. You will learn Kathy’s powerful and innovative strategies for audience development. Discover the #1 revenue stream and hottest trend in event fundraising.

AFP Roundtable Discussion: An All New, MEMBERS ONLY Event! Sponsored by Russo & Associates, LLC

Our Program entitled “All About Boards of Directors” will be facilitated by Terry O’Connor, Executive Director, Cardinal Shehan Center and the McGivney Center, both located in Bridgeport.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Small Shop Success: Building Your Development Dream Team

In a small shop, human and financial resources are equally precious commodities. As a result, it is essential that you have a Dream Team in place to leverage your limited resources and implement a robust, well-rounded development program. A single full-time employee must be nimble, flexible and capable of tackling the myriad of tasks thrown his or her direction. Finding those perfect individuals can be a daunting task. A single post on Craigslist produces hundreds of responses, but how can you tell if “the one” is in the stack? In this session learn how to assess your Dream Team needs, search for, identify and hire the ideal development staff member.

Luncheon – Corporate Partnerships; Sponsored by TANGO

Our esteemed Fairfield County panel of corporate funders explains to the AFP membership what they look for when deciding which nonprofits they wish to partner with and fund. What are their goals for a partnership? Are they seeking to advance the corporation’s current marketing priorities? Do they ever collaborate with the corporation’s foundation department? This and much more, including the panel’s pet peeves relative to working with nonprofits, will be revealed at our luncheon.

AFP Roundtable Discussion: An All New, Members-Only Event! Sponsored by MSP Cultivate

Introducing a brand new MEMBERS ONLY event! Four times this year, AFP Fairfield County will offer its members a free opportunity to meet with fellow members and discuss in a casual, roundtable conversation the issues, challenges and solutions facing the nonprofit development field.

Our first program in this series will be held at the Westport Public Library and will begin with an exclusive tour of the library discussing its upcoming renovation, details about their current capital campaign, and will conclude with a broader conversation among participants about capital campaigns and other pertinent topics. Please feel free to bring a brown bag lunch for this discussion.

Annual Meeting and Luncheon – Gratitude’s Place in Philanthropy; Sponsored by CompuMail

New York Times bestselling author Janice Kaplan has found that gratitude can transform organizations, personal relationships, and levels of generosity. Through amusing anecdotes and widespread research, she’ll offer ways to incorporate gratitude in relationships and work. With warmth and wit, she’ll inspire you to think positively and start living your best year ever.

“Toast to the Holidays” Networking Night at Artisan Restaurant, Southport

Join us at the luxurious yet relaxed Artisan restaurant and tavern located in Southport at the Delamar boutique hotel and spa. As a prelude to the holidays, raise your glass, exchange business cards and share laughter and good cheer before you begin your busiest month of the year!

National Philanthropy Day Awards Breakfast – Trumbull Marriott

The “Best of the State” Connecticut Philanthropy Awards Breakfast, sponsored the Association of Fundraising Professionals Connecticut and Fairfield County, CT chapters, will be held on Friday, November 4th, 2016 at the Trumbull Marriott in Trumbull, CT

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Building a Holistic Approach to Grant Seeking

Join Cynthia M. Adams, CEO of GrantStation, and Monique Hanson, Chief Development Officer of NPR, in this fast-paced, information packed webinar on how to build a grant seeking program for your organization. Drawing on decades of experience, our presenters will provide practical advice, suggest processes you may want to adopt, and guide you toward developing a grant seeking program that will change the financial future for your organization.

AFP Networking Night at Rio Bravo, Fairfield

RIO BRAVO REDOUX AFP TEQUILA TUESDAY RETURNS October 18 Hosted at Rio Bravo 770 Commerce Drive Fairfield, CT 06825 (Parking in the back or across the street) 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Enjoy a perfect fall evening to connect and…

Luncheon – Asking Styles: A Revolutionary Concept in the Field; Sponsored by Dylewsky, Goldberg & Brenner, LLC

Join Brian Saber, President of Asking Matters, to learn the power of Asking Styles. The Asking Styles, developed by Brian and his co-founder, Andrea Kihlstedt, will help your organization raise more money. Brian will describe the Asking Styles and how to apply them to some of the key elements of an ask, including developing the case for support.

Luncheon – Major and Principal Gifts: The Balancing Act! Sponsored by Russo & Associates, LLC

The 80/20 has become the 90/10, or for many of us the 95/5 (or dare I say 99/1). How do we spend our time? As leaders, how does one manage their organization? Where do we invest resources? How do we build and effective pipeline? While this discussion often has us thinking, and working, in circles, we will have a discussing regarding the importance of relationship building, thinking strategically and for the long term, and building a development operation that supports the entire operation, while focused on building a strong and robust major and principal gift program. A question and answer session will follow.

SOLD OUT!! Lunch and Learn Webinar – The 5 Things You Need to Know to Run a Successful Monthly Giving Program; held at FCCF

This practical how-to session led by two experts in monthly giving will equip you to start, or continue to grow, a successful monthly giving program for your organization. Filled with helpful tips and action-oriented ideas you can start using right away, you will learn how to plan, implement, monitor and improve any monthly giving program.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Engage your Board in Fundraising

In the small shop, fundraising can be a big job. Having a Board that is involved in raising money can make a huge impact and help you raise hundreds of thousands more than you can do alone. Unfortunately, many nonprofit organizations struggle with Boards that are well-meaning but reluctant and inexperienced in fundraising. In this training, we’ll uncover the reasons why Board members won’t help with fundraising and how to overcome them. You’ll learn how to match up the right fundraising activities with the right Board members, and how to give them the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to succeed. You’ll get tips for holding them accountable and for providing them the support they need so they can help you raise big money.

AFP Summer Social on the Sound!

A networking and casual waterside event

SOLD OUT! Lunch and Learn Webinar – The Future of Fundraising: How Digital Technologies and Strategies Will Create Your Next Gen Development Operation

Digital Fundraising has made its way into the development programs of hundreds of philanthropies across the country. In concert with the rise in online events such as Giving Days and crowdfunding, digital fundraising has become a critical channel for all non-profit organizations, large and small. We will explore the elements of a next generation development office, from a technology and strategy perspective.

CFRE Review Course

The CFRE Review Course is a two-day, intensive program that offers development professionals an opportunity to review the main components of a complete fundraising program. It focuses on the terminology, organization and structure of a development operation and is presented through lecture, presentations, handouts, case studies and the encouragement of participant dialogue.

Spring Networking Night – Mediterraneo Restaurant at Hotel Zero Degrees, Norwalk

This is a great opportunity to introduce new friends to AFP or to welcome those who have recently joined our ranks. Help AFP grow by bringing a fundraising friend or two for this event!

Breakfast – The 8 Languages of Money; Sponsored by U.S. Trust

In this lively and engaging presentation, Liz will share powerful strategies to speak the value of your organization.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – How To Make a Successful Call On a Major Donor Prospect – held at NCC

Major donors — that’s where the big gifts are. But how to approach them? How to show up without seeming that you are all after their money? How do you make conversation, explore their interest and see where they stand? Join Gail Perry to discover how to handle this all-important moment in fundraising. You’ve gotten in the door, now what? Will you blow it, or will it be the first step in a long and happy relationship? Join us to learn how to make the most of your big opportunity!

Breakfast – Ensuring “Ethics” Has a Seat at the Table in Your Organization

Is ethics a part of your daily thought process? What does it mean to be an “ethical fundraiser?” We will hear from Jason on the role of ethics from an organizational content, exploring the role of the fundraiser, the executive leadership, the board and others throughout the organization. He will lead a discussion on how to exemplify and create a culture of ethics in an organization and how to run an ethical organization. A question and answer session will follow.

PROGRAM UPDATE! Roundtable Dinner – The 2016 Presidential Election – and – How It Could Impact Your Nonprofit!

Over the past few months, the nonprofit sector has witnessed a number of key victories. Last year’s tax extenders bill permanently enacted a number of charitable giving incentives. Earlier this year, the IRS withdrew a controversial substantiation proposal. Each victory was based on a groundswell of grassroots activity. Where can we turn our attention now? What kind of impact will the 2016 election have on our efforts, and what can we expect after the election? This session will provide an “insider’s” update on relevant issues, including the charitable deduction and tax reform. A question and answer session will follow.

Toast After Taxes with AFP – A Free* Networking Event

Toast After Taxes with AFP A FREE* Networking Event Tuesday, April 19 5-7p.m.   1229 Post Road, Fairfield *Tapas and complimentary first beverage (wine/beer/soda) followed by Cash Bar RSVP Required – Marianne ()

Luncheon – Social Venture Partners: Engaged Philanthropists, Effective Nonprofits; sponsored by BlumShapiro

Social Venture Partners is the largest network of engaged donors in the world. It builds powerful relationships among people and organizations committed to changing our world. With collective power, it helps individuals make a greater impact with their giving; funds and strengthens nonprofits; and equips communities to tackle our greatest social challenges.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Five Simple Strategies to Boost Donor Retention held at NCC

Do you ever feel like you’re on a fundraising treadmill? That you’re constantly looking for new donors because you aren’t keeping the ones you already have? Then you may need to change your stewardship approach. Because taking good care of donors, listening to and respecting them, is how you’ll raise more money (and get off that pesky treadmill). It’s as simple as transforming how you thank donors, how you share the impact of their giving, and how to keep them delightfully engaged with your cause. Learn how during this webinar with Shanon Doolittle and leave with actionable steps you can take now to start building more gratifying, long-term relationships with your donors.

Luncheon – Maximizing Philanthropic Impact Through Planned Giving; sponsored by The Donor Motivation Program®

The landscape for charitable giving is ever changing, with historically low interest rates, fluctuating investment markets and higher income tax rates. Now, more than ever, donors are looking for ways to maximize their philanthropic impact when giving to charity.

Attorney Jennifer Pagnillo of Day Pitney LLP will lead a discussion about ways to satisfy your donors’ objectives in making charitable gifts.

Leap Year AFP Networking Social at Little Pub, Wilton

AFP NETWORKING SOCIAL   Take advantage of this “extra” day on your calendar for this once-in-4-years event! Meet and mingle with your peers to celebrate with AFP-Fairfield County Chapter at:  Little Pub 26 Danbury Road, Wilton (just north of…

SOLD OUT! Lunch and Learn Webinar – Storytelling for Fundraisers

Bring your own brown bag and “lunch and learn” with your peers! AFP International curates a live webinar series on a range of topics presented by field experts. AFP Fairfield County streams selected webinars free of charge at one…

Evening Panel Presentation – Millennials: Revolutionizing Philanthropy; Sponsored by Danosky & Associates

Our Panelists Daniel Trust, Founder, Daniel Trust Foundation Daniel Trust is a Rwandan genocide survivor and a nationally recognized motivational speaker having lectured at prestigious universities such as the University of Florida, Duke University and Northwestern University. Daniel is the…

Breakfast – What’s Funny About Fundraising? Sponsored by Merrill Lynch

Our Speaker Tim Washer Cisco Systems – Public Relations & Communications Tim studied improv under Amy Poehler, comedy writing with Tom Purcell, executive producer of The Colbert Report, and has appeared on SNL, Conan O’Brien, Onion Sports Network, and HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John…

Annual Meeting and Luncheon – Don’t Think Outside of the Box…Instead, Ask Why the Box? Sponsored by CompuMail

Dear Colleagues, Please join our Chapter’s Annual Meeting and final 2015 monthly luncheon meeting.  During this Annual Meeting, we will approve last year’s minutes and the 2016 slate of Chapter leadership, which you should have received in October. Your…

National Philanthropy Day Awards Breakfast

Now celebrating its 31st year, National Philanthropy Day ® in Connecticut is highlighting “Best of the State Connecticut Philanthropy Awards.” Scheduled for November 6, 2015, this event features an Awards Breakfast to honor those who have helped change lives in our community through their fundraising and philanthropic efforts.

SOLD OUT!! Lunch and Learn Webinar- How to Raise Major Gifts –- The Right Way

We will make recommendations for organizations looking to be more sustainable and raise significantly more major gifs. We expect to be able to provide genuine insight into the world or major gift fundraising and validate or debunk myths surrounding major gifts.

AFP Networking Night at Rio Bravo

Enjoy a perfect fall evening to connect and chill with friends in the fundraising field. Bring a friend to introduce them to the benefits of AFP.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Social Media and Ethics in Fundraising

You finally got your organization to start using social media on a regular basis. However, this openness of sharing online may have given you too much information and now puts you and your nonprofit in an ethical conundrum. What do you do? Through this interactive session, learn how simple tools like the AFP Code of Ethics and simple social media guidelines can help you steer clear of ethical situations on social media before they happen.

Breakfast of Champions – Insights from the Top: Critical Lessons from Veteran Nonprofit Leaders; sponsored by Day Pitney LLP

This panel of seasoned professionals represents the pinnacle of their respective organizations. With more than 40 years of combined nonprofit management and development experience, our panelists have seen it all. Through storytelling, dialogue, and Q&A, this group will share insights on many of today’s critical nonprofit management topics. Bring your challenging questions and prepare to expand your toolkit with lessons from our esteemed panelists.

Fairfield County Nonprofit Resource Fair

Are you searching for resources to strengthen your nonprofit organization and maximize your impact? Are you exhausted by figuring out fundraising, governance, finance, human resources, legal issues, and your own training as a nonprofit leader? If so, join us for the second annual Fairfield County Nonprofit Resource Fair.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – In It for the Long Haul: How Donor Retention and Major Gifts Can Transform Your Nonprofit

Donor transiency is perhaps the single most catastrophic element in today’s fundraising world. In this highly-anticipated webinar, John Greenhoe, CFRE, will examine the trend of donor attrition and provide helpful major-gift focused strategies to keep your benefactors. He will share personal experiences and examples from the philanthropy world that illustrate how thoughtful bond-building measures can lead to dramatic increases in donor retention, as well as transformational major and planned gifts.

Back-to-Back AFP Events: A Higher Bid with Kathy Kingston PLUS Last of the Summer Wine Networking

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP-Fairfield County Chapter), with endorsements from Fairfield County’s Community Foundation and CT Association of Non Profits, is proud to bring you Kathy Kingston for this one-day, not-to-be-missed special event that will elevate your fundraising potential immediately, followed by the Last of the Summer Wine Networking Reception.

Luncheon – Weaving Ethics into your Organization’s Fundraising; Sponsored by Wells Fargo

In his presentation, Josh will address the sometimes competing interests and conflicts among fundraisers, funders, organizational leaders, and board members. Grey-area hot-button issues, such as accepting funds from a tainted donor, will be considered, so bring your ethical dilemmas for an engaging and enlightening discussion!

Lunch and Learn Webinar – What You Need to Know About Planned Giving When Planned Giving Is Not All That You Do

During this webinar, we will look at the most common types of planned gifts, discuss their key properties, and define common donor characteristics associated with each gift. In addition to providing you with tools to identify your donors’ needs, we will also discuss the best ways to market planned gifts.

AFP Summer Social on the Sound

Raising the Bar is an opportunity to network with fundraising peers,
socialize in a fun, casual atmosphere and make new connections.

Luncheon – Fundraising in a Changed Media World: Trends and Tips for Annual Appeals and More!

In an interactive Question and Answer session, our Panel of Experts will share insights, trends, creative, and money-saving tips just in time for planning this year’s Annual Appeal or major events. You will gain insight on how you can optimize your fund raising efforts with strategically integrated social, web, e, mobile, direct mail and events based marketing communications.

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Engaging Your Board in Fundraising for the Small Shop

In the small shop, fundraising can be a big job. Having a Board that is involved in raising money can make a huge impact and help you raise hundreds of thousands more than you can do alone. Unfortunately, many nonprofit organizations struggle with Boards that are well-meaning but reluctant and inexperienced in fundraising. In this training, we’ll uncover the reasons why Board members won’t help with fundraising and how to overcome them. You’ll learn how to match up the right fundraising activities with the right Board members, and how to give them the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to succeed. You’ll get tips for holding them accountable and for providing them the support they need so they can help you raise big money.

Come Celebrate Spring at our Raising the Bar Networking Night!

 Tuesday, May 12, 2015 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  “NETWORKING is one of the best benefits of AFP!” Raising the Bar is an opportunity to network with fundraising peers, socialize in a fun, casual atmosphere and make new connections. Hosted at TERRAIN…

Go See People! Securing More and Better Face-to-Face Visits; Sponsored by Dylewsky, Goldberg & Brenner, LLC

Successful fundraisers are not born. They don’t wing it. They don’t sit in their office waiting for the phone to ring. Successful fundraisers have a system, a process they follow to help them meet or exceed their goals. Consultant Joe Tumolo combines tried and tested techniques, real world examples, and humor to provide practical content that you can immediately start applying to your daily work.

SOLD OUT! Lunch and Learn Webinar – Find High Capacity Prospects in Plain Sight

Most organizations have high capacity donors hiding in plain sight. A whopping 40% of donors in a recent study admit to having greater capacity than they are giving. But how do you connect the dots? What data do you have to inform you? Today’s technology allows us to collect and analyze a plethora of data about our donors. How can you leverage it efficiently to find your prospects, deepen your relationship with them and upgrade their giving? Whether you’re a one person shop or large organization, you’ll walk away with insights to uncover your hidden gems and grow them into major gifts. As a special bonus, participants will receive a free guide of “25 tools and tips to find prospects.”

Breakfast of Champions – An Inside Look at Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility; Sponsored by BlumShapiro

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest trends in philanthropy from a large corporate viewpoint. Our expert panel is composed of community relations professionals from forward-thinking Fortune 500 companies. These firms recognize the importance of including mission-centered goals as part of their bottom line results. We will discuss the most current issues in corporate citizenship and how each of these companies defines social responsibility.

*FREE Raising the Bar Networking Night

With no agenda, Raising the Bar is an opportunity to network with industry peers, socialize in a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and meet new friends.

Luncheon – Increasing Mission Awareness and Donor Engagement through Giving Days; sponsored by Merrill Lynch

Our luncheon program will feature highlights of Fairfield County’s Giving Day, which will have taken place the prior week (March 5). We will also discuss effective ways in which local nonprofit organizations can use this event to attract new donors and increase visibility in the community. The program will include a lively panel discussion, followed by a question and answer period.

POSTPONED to 3/24 DUE TO WEATHER *FREE Raising the Bar Networking Night

With no agenda, Raising the Bar is an opportunity to network with industry peers, socialize in a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and meet new friends

Lunch and Learn Webinar – Making Each Rung Count: How to Build a Donor Ladder that Goes from Annual Gift to Ultimate Gift

In an increasingly competitive fundraising world, how do you find, cultivate and grow donors to advance your mission? In this session we will define and delineate the best way to construct each rung so that you may build a successful and holistic fund development program – one that moves the needle for your institution and your donors; producing ultimate gifts and increasing life-time value.

Click here for Luncheon Presentation – Giving Trends Among High Net Worth Philanthropists presented by Joy Hunter Chaillou; sponsored by StaleyRobeson

This will be an interactive session in which key findings from the “2014 U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy” are examined. Attendees will learn about the traditions, motivation, giving patterns and priorities of America’s wealthiest households. The report was researched and authored in partnership with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

Click here for Luncheon NOTES – Why Lunch with AFP in 2015? Join us for the January Luncheon and find out! – Sponsored by US Trust

Ever wonder what goes on at the Association of Fundraising Professional’s monthly luncheon programs and who attends? Our programs can enhance your fundraising knowledge/skills and build your career. Start the New Year off right by doing something positive for your work and professional relationships.

Web Conference – Small Shop Success: Building Something from Nothing—Starting a Well-Rounded Development Program

Has your organization decided it’s time to “take on fund development”? Are you taking the reigns of a development department with little to no structure? If you find yourself at square one, this webinar is for you! In this session we will explore the critical core elements of a fund development program, how best to establish realistic timelines for implementation, determining what you can handle and where you need help, and how best to set you and your team up for success.

Luncheon – Inspired Giving; presented by Bruce T. Silverstone; sponsored by CompuMail

The Aquarion Water Company is a leader in environmental protection and last year won the AFP Outstanding Corporation award in Connecticut. Bruce will present his insights on philanthropic giving as a generous supporter of deserving causes on behalf of Aquarion and his personal leadership in many local non-profits.

Web Conference – Growth in Giving: Lessons from The Fundraising Effectiveness Project

The Growth in Giving Initiatives/Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) is an excellent example of your AFP working to improve and enhance philanthropy in your organization. Learn how to use this information to understand and positively affect your fundraising program. Understanding donor and gift retention and utilizing this information to change the behavior of you and your donor will help you to raise and retain more donors and contributed funds.

Web Conference – Fundraising Basics

Fundraising can be overwhelming and sometimes daunting for the first-timer. Fundraising: The Nuts and Bolts, is designed to provide you with the framework for fundraising, along with the tools you need to be successful. Brian Bonde, ACFRE, will share best practices of fundraising basics and answer fundamental questions you have about where to begin on a successful career. This seminar is designed specifically for individuals who are new to the fundraising profession.

Luncheon – Navigating Nonprofit Ethical Challenges – presented by Maurice Segall, Pro Bono Partnership; sponsored by Robinson & Cole LLP

Mr. Segall will present on a variety of ethical issues nonprofits may face in the course of business including fundraising challenges, good governance, and conflicts of interest for board and staff. He will discuss areas that nonprofits should be reviewing regularly and best practices to ensure a strong organization.

Web Conference – Getting Your Organization Onboard with Fundraising: Weaving a Philanthropic Culture

We may be great at cultivating relationships with our donors but are we equally as great at building and nurturing a philanthropic culture top to bottom in our organizations? And if we are not focusing on this then why are we not? If organizational culture reflects the way an organization operates, and if the unique nature of non-profit organizations is a reliance on philanthropy to fulfill their mission, and if fund development is the engine that drives philanthropy – then why do so many organizations fail to understand the value of understanding how a ‘philanthropic’ (not fundraising!) culture is crucial to have woven throughout the organization? Why are we relegating ourselves into that dreadful ‘silo’ and not taking every possible step to increase philanthropic investment in our organization?

Flash Mob FREE* Networking Night

JOIN US to celebrate the last days of summer with your friends and peers who share the mission of philanthropy!

Web Conference – Extreme Social Media Makeover: Nonprofit Edition!

During this life-changing session, we’ll not just talk, but actually DO a mind-blowing demonstration of at least 25 killer tools to get tons of online traffic and revenue for your nonprofit. They are virtually all quick and easy (they better be or there’s no way we’ll get through them all!) and free. See how to instantly transform your nonprofit into a powerhouse!

Luncheon – The Corner Stone of Strong Fundraising Programs – presented by Kristen Mengold; sponsored by CBP

Direct mail programs are a corner stone for all development offices and critical to the success of all major gifts programs. Whether your organization is large or small, direct mail can ask for renewed donor support, acquire new donors and increase gift size. Kristen will discuss several areas to consider when planning your direct mail campaign including identifying and segmenting donors and making the pitch that catches the donors’ attention.

SOLD OUT! Web Conference – Opening the Door to Major Gifts: Mastering the Discovery Call; held at Fairfield Prep

While there are many great resources on the solicitation or “ask,” the knowledge base of the “discovery” call — the very beginnings of the major gift relationship – are quite limited. John Greenhoe, author of the best-selling book “Opening the Door to Major Gifts” (Charity Channel Press, 2013), will delve into this all important topic in this AFP webinar. Using John’s proven methods, participants will learn basic but effective methods for qualifying prospects for the purpose of major gift cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.

Summer Networking – held at Splash Restaurant, Westport

Add a Splash of Summer to Your Networking! Join your AFP friends…and meet some new friends at Splash Restaurant & Bar, Westport

CFRE Review Course – June 26 and 27

The CFRE Review Course is a two-day, intensive program that offers development professionals an opportunity to review the main components of a complete fundraising program. It focuses on the terminology, organization and structure of a development operation and is presented through lecture, transparencies, handouts, case studies and the encouragement of participant dialogue.

Web Conference – 6 Figure Fundraising: How to Create and Run Your First $100,000+ Major Gifts Campaign – held at FCCF

If you’re like most people working with a small nonprofit, raising a big chunk of money for a special project, program, or piece of equipment can be a daunting challenge. You may be puzzled about where to start or how to do it. You’re probably scratching your head over who to approach and how much to ask for. And you’re probably wondering exactly what to say to get someone to make a large donation to your organization. Join us for this interactive session to learn exactly what to do to create and run your first really big fundraising campaign. You’ll learn how to plan the campaign, the tools and materials you’ll need, and how to find the best people to ask for a gift. You’ll leave feeling hopeful and more confident about raising big money.

Spring Networking – held at Mediterraneo Restaurant, Norwalk

This is a great opportunity to introduce new friends to AFP or to welcome those who have recently joined our ranks. Help AFP grow by bringing a fundraising friend or two for this premier event! AFP members and non-members are welcome. Members are encouraged to bring a colleague who may want to learn more about AFP. NOTE: There is no up charge for non-members….Mediterrano has given us a special group rate for the evening that AFP has passed along to encourage attendance…this is not a fundraiser for AFP…just a FUN and FRIEND-raiser!

*CANCELLED* Half Day Seminar – “Board Members and Us: Our Syncopated Tango of Trust”

Your organization’s board, the most important constituent for the organization. They set strategic priorities, governance, and fiduciary responsibility but how can you better engage them in the work of the development office and fundraising. Using real-life cases, Theresa and Doug will present ideas to strengthen the board, build camaraderie, create effective meetings, help create a sense of urgency for the organization’s mission and engage the board members in critical fundraising activities. In the second session, Theresa and Doug will present on board evaluation along with practical tools to help with the process. They will discuss critical components for assessing board effectiveness, board composition and identifying new board members that with strengthen the organization.

Web Conference – “Development from the Donor’s Perspective” – held at HCC

In spite of our best planning and adoption of best practices in the field, our donors don’t fit into the process very neatly. Why? Because the donor’s definition of the best way to help them make a philanthropic gift isn’t necessarily what has been captured in our systems. It’s not that all of the best practices are broken: it’s that we need to be more flexible, innovative, and empathetic to the donor’s perspective. In this session, we’ll share stories of donors that didn’t quite fit the mold, provide insights on how you can examine your own development strategies for “sacred cows,” and recommend ways to be more responsive to your donors’ needs.

Web Conference – Creating a Breakthrough Strategy for Your Nonprofit – held at FCCF

Is incremental progress a satisfactory level of performance for your nonprofit? Are your staff and volunteers working very hard, but finding it difficult to get enough real traction moving forward? The answers to these challenges is not to work even longer hours or to work “smarter.” We need to work more creatively. The Break through Strategy webinar is designed to show you how you can drive innovation and creativity throughout your organization and create breakthroughs in performance. Learn how to leverage innovation concepts used by companies like Google and apply them to your nonprofit setting.

Luncheon – “Building Relationships & Stewarding Donors” presented by Stephen M. Jakab, CFRE, President Bridgeport Hospital Foundation; sponsored by Danosky & Associates

Engaging donors requires the help of the entire organization, not just the development office. Many gifts come as a result of the direct impact of programs and services provided by your organization to the donor or their family. It is important to engage every person in your organization in work of the fundraising department. Steve will present on ways to build key relationships throughout the organization and how to engage those relationships with the stewardship of donors.

Luncheon – Spectacular Special Events presented by Stephanie Thomas

Events take a significant amount of time, planning and resources. It’s important that your organization get the most out of the event and leave a spectacular impression with the guests. Drawing on over 20 years of event management experience, Stephanie will present how to create successful events with ideas around how to secure great sponsors, manage expenses, create strong ROI, and coordinate all the moving parts of an event.

Web Conference – Firing Lousy Board Members – and Helping the Others Succeed, held at Housatonic CC

Yes, your organization should fire non-performing board members. Of course, that means you have to define what is good and not so good. And you need ways to fire them that don’t cause pain – to them or your organization. Join this workshop to learn the secrets to this tricky business.

Luncheon – Organization Integrations…Everything You Need to Know presented by Ceci Maher, Executive Director, Person to Person; sponsored by Neuberger Berman

During the last several years of uncertain times, may non-profits have merged or integrated operations with other non-profits in an effort to create strong programming, focus on core competencies and create efficiencies in delivering critical programs to those in need. Ceci has guided her organization through a recent integration and will share key learnings about the process including board involvement, strategic communications, fundraising challenges and more.

Audio Conference – Inbound Marketing: The Latest Techniques to Attract More Donors, Volunteers and Others held at NCC

Nonprofits’ efforts to find supporters are rapidly being supplanted by the need for supporters to easily find you. Learn about specific, low-cost marketing and fundraising techniques that will drive more traffic to you online, and increase your “conversion rate” so more of them become donors, event attendees, and other supporters. We’ll examine how to implement inbound marketing by combining techniques like search engine optimization, pay-per-click, blogs, articles, websites, landing pages, calls to action, links, social media, and more to promote and leverage your content, boost online traffic, generate leads, and convert those leads into supporters. We’ll also discuss how to easily measure results to validate that your fundraising programs are working.

Luncheon – Evolution of Campaigns presented by Joseph Staley, CFRE, President & CEO, StaleyRobeson; sponsored by U.S. Trust

A $1 BILLION campaign?! Lately we have been hearing a lot about campaigns with unimaginable goals extending up to ten years. Clearly campaign assessment, planning, and management have been changing over the years. Joe will present insights on these changes, how your organization might think about a campaign and key considerations when planning and managing a campaign.

Annual Meeting and Luncheon – Lessons in Philanthropy presented by Dave Swanson, CEO Optimus Companies; sponsored by CompuMail

Dave Swanson is a co-founder of NCS Fairfield (, the first split-off group in Connecticut from the original New Canaan Society founding chapter. Dave has a passion for helping people “do life”, and he is committed to reaching the next generation for God through Christian Service Brigade for Boys. Dave will be speaking about “Lessons in Philanthropy” and sharing an incredible story of forgiveness he revealed in a recent interview on Moody National Radio.

Audio Conference – “Effective Campaigns: The Design, Content and Delivery of Effective Email Campaigns”; held at Fairfield Prep

Email fundraising has risen in popularity by 20% over the last year alone. Effective email campaigns are more than just creative design and discussion around a cause; they are a multi-channel ticket to engaging and retaining donors. Derrick will discuss how to make an effective campaign from the importance of design, content and delivery. Derrick will also provide examples of effective email campaigns and how to create similar campaigns for your organization.

AFP-Fairfield County Chapter’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Cocktail Party to celebrate AFP-FC’s 20th Anniversary!

Chamberlain Scholarship Application (due October 10) and Diversity Scholarship Application (due October 31)

The Chamberlain Scholarship fund was established to honor Ralph E. Chamberlain, CFRE, one of the original founders of AFP. The Diversity Scholarship was created to support through financial assistance educational opportunities for AFP members and organizations who serve diverse…

Audio Conference – Annual Fund and Major Gifts Partnerships: Pipeline Management and Donor Maximization

Our AFP Chapter is happy to make Web Conferences available for our fundraising community. We purchase the Web Conference from AFP International to ensure quality programs and present them at a central location. This is not a webinar, all conference participants…

Luncheon – Good Governance: How To Understand and Utilize Your Financial Statements To Build Donor Confidence and Raise Funds; Speaker: Scott M. Brenner, CPA; Sponsor: Neuberger Berman

Today’s donors are sophisticated. They do their research, often give to specific programs and want more oversight over their philanthropic investments. To build and retain donors – individuals and foundations – it’s essential for non-profit fundraisers, directors and board members to keep pace. Scott will address the important financial topics that should be your priority – restricted vs. unrestricted gifts, endowments, vital 990 details and compliance with donor intent. Understand how to employ this vital information to cultivate and steward your donors.

Audio Conference – 90 Minutes to Social and Mobile Fundraising Success

Did you know that in a typical peer-driven or “crowdsourced” fundraising campaign, almost 90% of socially-referred traffic comes from Facebook … While about 5% comes from Twitter?

Are you surprised that one in four people fundraising for a good cause will use mobile technology to ask for donations … And will raise more money than those who do not?

In this AFP webinar, we’ll explore how organizations like yours are using seamless social login, online video, Google tools, social fundraising toolkits, gamification techniques, mobile web, mobile apps, multi-channel strategies & more to support and enhance their online fundraising events and campaigns. Join this session to learn the strategies you need to help your organization’s supporters raise more money for your good cause.

AFP Networking Social

AFP Networking Social Barcelona Sono   63.65 N. Main Street South Norwalk, CT 06854 Tuesday, September 17, 2013 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Cash Bar and hors d’oeuvres  RSVP to 

Luncheon – Donor Retention: The Key Ingredient of a Thriving Development Program – Speaker: Sharon J. Danosky; Sponsor: CBP

How many times have we heard or said that good development work is about building relationships? Yet, most non-profits have a very difficult time keeping their donors from one year to the next. In January 2013, the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy reported that of the 1.8 million people who donated to 2,342 nonprofit organizations in 2009 and 2010, only 43% renewed their contribution the following year. And for new donors – the percentage was even lower – only 27%. Most non-profits lose between 40-60 % of their donors each year, and with them go thousands (and thousands) of dollars.

Audio Conference – What’s Wrong with Your Fundraising and How You Can Fix It

This webinar, based on the upcoming book by Ellen Bristol and Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE will help you look at how your fundraising efforts are really going. Participants in the webinar will have the opportunity to complete the Leaky Bucket assessment online prior to the webinar. Results for organizations nationally and results for webinar participates in particular, will be reviewed in the webinar. Participants will then be given some ideas on how to fix their fundraising and stops the “leaks” in their own “buckets.”

Summer Social – held at Fat Cat Pie Co., Norwalk from 5:30-7:30

AFP Fairfield County Chapter invites you and your guest to join your colleagues for our Summer Social. Please join us at FAT CAT PIE Co., 9-11 Wall Street, Norwalk on Thursday, July 11 – 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm. $25.00 per person for pizza, salad and 1 glass of wine. Please register by July 9 to attend.

Audio Conference – Online Success Strategies, Tools & Trade Secrets – 101

Over the past decade, nonprofit organizations have been inundated with Internet services and technology options. This session taught by Ted Hart, one of the world’s foremost experts on Nonprofits and the Internet will focus nonprofit leadership on how they can improve the management, networking and fundraising of their organization through the use of these tools. Content is based on the new book, “Nonprofit Internet Management: Strategies, Tools and Trade Secrets.” While nonprofit organizations continue to embrace the use of the Internet for a variety of purposes, the challenge organizations face is not whether they should be using the Internet, but instead HOW they should manage their Internet applications in a coordinated, cost-effective and efficient manner to leverage these efforts for maximum benefit.

Luncheon – Dynamic Donor Conversations – Speaker: Laura Fredricks; Sponsor: BlumShapiro

Do YOU have Dynamic Conversations?

All too often, we fall into the trap of having the same conversations with diverse stakeholders, particularly major donors, without taking the necessary steps to hand-tailor a discussion that truly resonates. The key is to communicate your organization’s goals, success stories and progress in a way that captivates the attention and interest of your constituents.

This session will provide concrete examples of turning the repetitious conversations we have with donors into dynamic and engaging conversations that will solidify our relationships and expedite the time it takes to cultivate, ask and steward these donors for their lifetimes.

Audio Conference – Navigating Change: The Three Stages of Board Engagement – NOW held at New Beginnings Family Academy, Bridgeport

As members of your fundraising team, board members may be unengaged, passively engaged or fully involved. Board members shape the public’s perception of the organization they serve through their actions, reputations and leadership abilities. Enthusiastic, dedicated and skillful involvement by each board member is critical for success. When Trustees successfully fulfill their responsibilities in raising funds, they ensure the present and future fiscal health of the organization. Conversely, when they resist their responsibilities for raising funds, they impede the organization’s ability to compete philanthropically. During this session, you will explore your role and responsibilities, along with implementation strategies, to enable you to become an effective advocate, including as a fundraiser, for your organization.

AFP Networking Social

Fairfield County Chapter Social

Luncheon – The ABC’s of Planned Giving – Speaker: Ellen Estes; Sponsor: Dylewsky, Goldberg & Brenner, LLC

Ellen’s presentation on Planned Giving will provide new information to people not familiar with planned giving – and reinforce what others already know.

Audio Conference – The Power of Planning: Building a Strategic and Long-Term Development Plan

Fund Development should be a core function of your organization and of your organization’s long term strategic goals. Yet, we often focus our development planning on the short term, e.g. the Annual Development Plan. And while we typically begin to plan for the next year based on the previous year’s projected results, we don’t often look at development planning through a strategic and long-term focus. Where do we want to be in 3-5 years with our fund development program? How does this dove-tail with where our organization is going? This session will cover how to make that mental and planning shift in our thinking from year-to-year to longer term outcomes and grow philanthropic revenue.

Half Day Seminar – Building Profitable Relationships That Last; Speakers: Tom Ahern and Simone P. Joyaux; Sponsored by Jean Haynes Consulting, LLC and NonProfit Consulting

Tom Ahern – Writing for Results
Simone Joyaux – Tips and Tales About the Holy Grail (click on seminar title above and find link posted for presentation)

Audio Conference – Raising Support from Millennials: How to Raise Support from Younger Donors, held at NCC

Using research from over 10,000 Millennials (age 20-30), Derrick will guide you through what motivates Millennials to give to nonprofit organizations. He will discuss how to create customized campaigns and engagement programs to raise awareness and support from Millennials through online, direct mail, email, and event based approaches.