Upcoming Events

Education Workshop: Prospect Research & Management

Armando Zumaya will present a compelling case to invest in prospect research, management and effectively pursuing individual major giving rather than other more common methods of funding. This frank and humorous presentation is designed to be heard by leadership, funders and Board members.

Education Workshop: 5 Best Board Practices (Especially during COVID-19)

The time to strengthen your board is now. During the pandemic, critical issues are constantly arising for non-profits, and if your board is not working efficiently and strategically as a team, it can’t take ownership of the issues. The stronger your board is now, the better positioned you will be to thrive in the future.

Education Workshop: Moving from Diversity to Inclusive Impact: COVID 19 and Beyond with Dr. Todd Jenkins

In our current climate, diversity, equity, and inclusion matters the most. We are in a situation where our employees, members, stakeholders, and communities must remain connected. COVID-19 has bought many challenges but also tremendous opportunities to grow better and stronger together in non-profits.

Education Workshop with Lynne Wester: Donor Experience, DX unlocks the future of your fundraising relationships

Donor appreciation is not expensive, but neglecting it can be. Research shows that it is seven times more expensive to acquire a new donor that to keep the one you have. The solution is simple: put the donor first, consume yourself with the DX, their experience, not yours.

Education Workshop: Building a Philanthropic Culture

Nothing works without good culture! Simone Joyaux will speak about philanthropic culture, what it means and why it works. She shares tips on top cultural elements essential for an effective organization.